Youth Ministry of Calvary Baptist Church


Searching? We're here to help you find direction.

Welcome to our Youth Ministry. Simply put, we are a collection of followers with resolute faith. We believe that if we love God and let Him show us how to love each other, the world will take notice and follow in kind!

  • We've known God's plentiful grace.
  • We've experienced God's eternal mercy.
  • We've seen proof of Godf's unfailing love.

Whether you're new to the area or have recently found yourself wandering in search of a new spiritual home, we may be your answer. When you find a local church that meets your spiritual needs, you become a witness to God's love. We seek to demonstrate and experience that love by bearing witness to hope.

Our doors are always open. Please join us for our weekly gatherings.


To bring people to a faith in Jesus Christ, raise them up in that faith, and then send them out to share the faith through their areas of influence.


No matter what else we're doing, we hold steadfast to four values that are supported by love and define who we are:

  • Transformational teaching
  • Engaging worship
  • Authentic community
  • Service-based outreach


To create a community of followers marked by steadfast faith and unconditional love.

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